Year 12 Students Visit Cambridge University

Eleven Year 12 students from Arnold Hill Spencer Academy recently returned from an exciting day at University of Cambridge, where they participated in tours, lectures, and conversations with active Cambridge students. This trip was part of HE+, a programme designed to motivate and encourage young people to apply to competitive universities.

Overall the day was a success. One of the participants said, ‘The trip to Cambridge was a very fulfilling experience, allowing me to learn the key skills to create a competitive application for a world-renowned university. It also allowed me to explore my ambition of studying at such a high-level university as well as living and learning in the establishment with so much history and so many incredibly successful alumni.’

Director of Post 16 Education Susan Sharp said of the opportunity, ‘I am really proud of the success of the HE+ programme which is run in partnership with Cambridge. Since I set up the North Nottinghamshire consortium, we have seen more successful Oxbridge applications than ever. The Arnold Hill students were brilliant, asking great questions and enjoying lectures from Cambridge academics on Maths, Science and English. A really interesting lecture was also delivered on Archaeology by Professor John Rob on the use of art to represent animals in prehistoric Europe. The students got the chance to speak to current students and got a real sense of what studying at Cambridge would be like.’

These aren’t the first young people from Arnold Hill to enjoy the benefits of the HE+ programme. A previous participant credits her successful application to Oxford University to the support she received from HE+:

‘The HE+ Programme really helped me, especially the visit to Peterhouse and the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with current students and get tips on how to structure my personal statement.  I was immediately attracted to the medicine section of the online portal and was able to discover resources on neuro-degradation, a field of study I find intriguing. This helped me expand my knowledge.

HE+ was a tremendous help throughout the process and even provided interview sessions. We went through how Oxford usually structure their interviews and what subject-specific questions may even look like. During my Oxford interview, I tried to implement as many of the tips and hints that they suggested, which lead to a positive outcome for me.’

Arnold Hill, like all Spencer schools, works hard every day to motivate young people to do and be their best. Through programmes like HE+, we are helping them to gain the knowledge, confidence and excitement to aspire to and achieve greatness.