Wyndham Primary first to the post for World Class status

Wyndham Primary Academy is one of the first cohort of primary schools to be recognised as a World Class School, and one of only 16 new schools for children of any age to be recognised in 2018.

Wyndham joins other Spencer schools, George Spencer Academy and Rushcliffe School, previously awarded with the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM).

Schools must be Ofsted ‘outstanding’ to be considered for World Class Status, and a rigorous accreditation process applies. Schools have to show that they out-perform similar schools; that they have exceptional leadership, and that students at the school achieve their potential regardless of the socio-economic conditions of the school’s geographical location.

WCSQM assessment requires schools to demonstrate that their students are capable of compiling comprehensive evidence in support of their application – a process which, uniquely, is led by students.

Students must develop the case for accreditation through detailed auditing of their school’s capabilities, video submissions in support of their application, and participating in an assessment centre event, at which their performances are measured against a challenging framework.

The award’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the students are assessed with regard to whether they themselves show the signs of a world class education, rather than the school itself. WCSQM believes that if a school is truly world class, then this should show in the student body.

Pupils from Wyndham journeyed to Coventry to make their case at the assessment centre held at Riverbank Academy, an outstanding special secondary school in Coventry. As part of the assessment, the 72 potential World Class students were required to work in teams to develop the Sidney Stringer Riverbank Academy school grounds to promote accessibility, independence and a love of learning for their students.

The Wyndham team did a brilliant job of representing the school, despite competition from some much bigger children and against a much bigger group of schools.

Paul Lowther, Principal at Wyndham Primary Academy said “We are so proud to have been recognised as a World Class School and it means so much more that it is the children who earned it! It marks Wyndham’s journey over the years since our conversion as a Spencer Academies Trust school and represents the hard work of all our children, staff and school leaders over time. It represents our school ethos of continually striving to achieve personal GREATness for pupils and staff. It’s a real team effort so thank you to everyone who has been a part of that journey: pupils, families and staff. It’s what has made Wyndham truly GREAT.”

Angela O’Brien, Executive Principal at Wyndham Primary also said: “At Spencer Academies Trust, we know our primaries are world class and from this year we’re able to prove it! Well done Wyndham!”

The Wyndham team received their awards at a special WCSQM Awards Ceremony, held at The Governors’ Hall, St Thomas’ Hospital, London yesterday.