Students Plant Inaugural Trees for Forest School

Hundreds of trees were donated by Tree Appeal to Glenbrook Spencer Academy, where the first of them were planted in the area that will grow into a forest school.

Inspired by David Attenborough’s message of conservation, pupils at Glenbrook Spencer Academy planted the first of the trees that will grow into a forest school.

The primary school’s pupils were eager to dig in—quite literally—to the designated area, where they planted hazel, hawthorn, silver birch and goat willow trees. As they grow, these trees will provide shelter for the area’s indigenous birds, and the area will be developed into a forest school for children to discover their local environment in a hands-on, interactive way. Sir David Attenborough’s ongoing work to celebrate and conserve our natural world inspired staff and students to do their part by planting native wildlife, which will bolster the area’s ecosystem. Leaders at Glenbrook are planning to grow a natural meadow on the grounds in addition to planting further hedgerow and trees.

Assistant Head of School Victoria Cairns, who helped oversee the project, said, “With climate crisis and loss of habitat being so relevant to our children’s future, teaching them to love and care about the nature on their doorstop is one of the most important jobs that we, as educators, can do. We hope to develop our large but grassy site into one where nature is abundant. The children have just loved planting their trees and can’t wait to see them grow even taller than them!”