The Spencer Academies Trust welcomes Hilton Primary School

The Spencer Academies Trust is delighted to announce completion of the Trust membership process for Hilton Primary School.

Hilton Primary School is located in Hilton in South Derbyshire, and is an unusually large primary with 844 pupils on roll. Following inspection in January 2018 the school was confirmed as ‘good’ by Ofsted, with Inspectors pointing to a culture of effective working and high expectations for staff and pupils.

The Headteacher at Hilton Primary School is Mr Lomas.

The 2018 Ofsted report said that ‘staff are proud to be part’ of Hilton Primary and that ‘the pupils are a credit to the school.’

As part of a consultation process preceding Trust membership, Mr Lomas wrote about his recommendation to governors that Hilton should join The Spencer Academies Trust. Mr Lomas said that he was ‘incredibly proud’ to lead a ‘happy, proud and successful school with a hard-earned reputation for high standards of achievement and pupil care.’

“We know that to move from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ we need to look beyond our own school, and to work with the best in the country.”

Speaking after the process was completed, Mr Lomas said “We are looking forward to scaling new heights by working collaboratively with the other schools in Trust. Reflecting on and refining what we do in the spirit of continuous improvement for the benefit of our children. The Trust puts children at the heart of its work and we’re confident that together we can deliver an outstanding primary education for this community.”

Bob Gallear, Chair of Governor at Hilton also commented: “Local government services have been reduced over recent years and this has limited the opportunities for the children and staff at Hilton Primary School As a member of Spencer Trust the school will be able to enhance the professional development of staff and so further improve the outcomes for the children.”

Spencer Academies Trust are also in the process of building a new primary school in Hilton, ‘The Mease Spencer Academy’. Julia Hart has been appointed the Principal Designate to the school, which will provide an education for 210 boys and girls aged five to 11 on completion.

Spencer Academies Trust Chairman Peter Marples said: “schools like Hilton Primary are central to our ability to deliver an outstanding, nationally regarded, standard of education across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. By developing clusters of primary and secondary schools, we can work towards giving children a great education from the start of their time in school to their choice of onward destination.”