Sisters at George Spencer Academy win Silver at Table Tennis National Championships

Anna and Erin Green came second place in the Mark Bates Ltd National Championships held the 24–26 of March.

Two students at George Spencer Academy—Anna Green, Year 12 and Erin Green, Year 13—competed in the Senior National Championships in table tennis, bringing home silver medals.

The team of sisters came in second after Tin-Tin Ho and Emily Bolton in their first time playing in a crowded arena. They said of the experience, “We were very proud to get to the Ladies doubles final.  To play together as sisters was special too.  It was our first time playing in the arena in front of a crowd so we were nervous but it was also exciting.”

Principal Helen Corbett said, “Well done to Erin and Anna, we are immensely proud of their achievement.”

With such a remarkable success at this early point in their journey, the future is full of possibilities for Anna and Erin. All of us at Spencer Academies Trust echo Mrs. Corbett’s sentiment and are eager to see what they achieve next.