SAT Pupil Parliament present to CEO and Primary Director

Five members from the current SAT Pupil Parliament team across our primary academies gathered today to talk about their roles and showcase their ideas to the trust CEO, Paul West, and Primary Director, Angela O’Brien.

The Trust Pupil Parliament Representatives facilitated a debate across their schools which focused on how all Spencer Academies Trust pupils should be treated equally. Every child in the Trust was able to vote on the issue.

Lucy Herbert, SAT Academy Angel who leads the Trust Pupil Parliament team was very proud of the group; ‘The children were great at expressing their ideas, and they were very articulate whilst in the meeting. It was great to see them share their ideas, knowing how much effort they had put into it.’

Angela O’Brien, SAT Director of Primary Education enjoyed listening to the pupil’s ideas;

‘It was great to meet with the Primary Trust parliament representatives and to hear their ideas and suggestions going forward. They were true ambassadors of our Trust values of Aspiration, Partnership and Responsibility. We can’t wait to meet them again to see how they have progressed with the plans.’

Maisey Gilliver, 11 and Harley Weatherall, 10 from Inkersall Spencer Academy really enjoyed meeting Paul and Angela and showcasing their ideas.

Maisey, ‘It was exciting to talk to Mr West and present our ideas.’

Harley, ‘It’s been amazing representing Inkersall Spencer Academy and it’s a very big opportunity to be a part of the Parliament team.’

Well done to all of the pupils who attended, and to those who are part of the Trust Pupil Parliament team.