Record-breaking SAT(s) results

Spencer Academies Trust primaries have been celebrating record-breaking Key Stage 2 Test results, with remarkable results in individual schools.

At Inkersall Primary Academy in Derbyshire 78 percent of children met combined expectations – a huge 32 per cent increase year on year. The percentage of children meeting age-related expectations in reading climbed from 48 percent to 87 per cent in a single year.

Improved Key Stage Test performance follows a programme of curriculum change and additional teaching and learning support delivered by recently appointed Principal Mrs Bailey.

At Nottingham’s Glenbrook Academy combined results were up 24 percent, with the proportion of children reaching age-related expectations climbing from 40 percent to 64 percent between results published in 2017 and 2018.

This academic year Glenbrook also appointed a new Principal, Kirsty Ryan.

The record of success was replicated across Spencer Trust Primary academies, with every school achieving results that exceeded national expectations for combined reading, writing and maths. Six out of the seven Spencer Primary academies achieved results which place them in the Top 5% nationally for contextually similar schools.

Across the Trust, results outperformed national averages by 13 percent, with a 13 percent improvement also recorded year on year. 27 out of a possible 28 indicators demonstrated year-on-year improvement in reading, writing, maths and ‘RWM combined.’

The 2017-18 SAT results build on previous recognition of Spencer Trust  as a transformational academy trust for primary children.

2016-17 results were part of the metric used by the prestigious Education Policy Institute to assess pupil attainment and to map performance by academy trust chains and local authorities.

At primary level, The Spencer Academies Trust ranked second nationally amongst all Multi Academy Trusts.

Based on today’s results, further improvement is expected in next year’s report.

Director of Primary Education Angela O’Brien said the “results show the amazing difference that schools can make in a single year when they have the right support.

“Over the next few months we will welcome new member schools to Spencer: schools like Osmaston Primary in Derby, which will be renamed as Ashwood Spencer, and is a close neighbour of Spencer’s outstanding Wyndham Primary Academy. At Wyndham, 77% of children met age-related expectations across the combined SAT measurements: at Osmaston, 23% of children met the same expectations in 2017-18.

“On the basis of the change effected in a single year in Spencer schools we know that we can transform results for schools like Osmaston.

“We are ambitious with our own targets and on behalf of local children because we understand that learning at KS2 sets children up for success throughout the rest of their time in school. These amazing results add up to real, meaningful change for thousands of local children.”

SAT Chief Executive Paul West said “At Spencer we believe that all children deserve an outstanding quality of education. These are outstanding results. We are very proud and delighted for the staff who have delivered exceptional teaching and learning support in trust schools over the last year. Together, Spencer staff have developed a model of transformational change at primary level which is delivering extraordinary results.

“These results are particularly meaningful for me because they are the results from my first year in role. When I joined Spencer in September 2017 I set out my vision of a regional trust with a national reputation for excellence. That’s exactly what we have become.”

SAT results remain unvalidated until September 2018.