Four Employees at Inkersall Spencer Academy Celebrate 25-Year Milestone

Three teaching assistants and one senior midday supervisor were honoured with flowers and a commemorative certificate in gratitude for their service.

Inkersall Spencer Academy recently celebrated 25 years’ service from Susan Jaques, Heather Miles, Catherine Kinley and Hayley Southey.

Mrs Jacques and Mrs Miles, both teaching assistants, have been with Inkersall for over 28 years; Mrs Kinley, also a teaching assistant, has 26 years’ service to her name, and Mrs Southey, senior midday supervisor, has served 25 years at the school. With over a hundred years’ combined service at Inkersall, these educators are pillars of both the school and the wider community across generations.

Mrs. Jacques said, “Working with dedicated colleagues in my local primary school is an absolute privilege. Supporting all of our children within a safe, nurturing environment and seeing them grow and flourish is the best job ever!”

Mrs Miles said, “I love seeing children grow, flourish and achieve their dreams. Some children now have their own beautiful families and work carries on with the next generation.”

Mrs Kinley said, “When I think back on all the changes in headteacher, teachers and other staff, I realize how the time has raced by. I’m now on my fifth principal and countless teaching staff, who have all been immensely supportive for me in my role and offer kindness, advice and friendship. Now, as part of the Spencer Academies Trust, I feel proud of what we are all achieving. It has been great to see the changes in the children as they have grown and developed, progressing from Nursery through Year 6.”

We are fortunate to have the experience, generosity and wisdom of Mrs Jaques, Mrs Miles, Mrs. Kinley and Mrs. Southey within our Trust, and we are honoured that they have chosen to be part of our team. Congratulations!