‘Exceptional’ Chetwynd recognised as Ofsted Outstanding

Toton’s Chetwynd Primary Academy has been recognised as an Ofsted Outstanding school across all inspection categories.

Inspection took place in October 2019, with a highly complimentary Ofsted report now published. Inspectors concluded that ‘pupils are extremely happy;’ relationships across the school and pupil development are both ‘quite exceptional’ and that ‘leaders have the highest of expectations.’

Inspectors concluded that ‘the school is a hive of learning’ and that pupils ‘learn exceptionally well in all subjects.’

Staff and leaders were highly praised. Inspectors said that ‘staff are highly committed to providing a high-quality education,’ while Principal Mrs Tonks was singled out as determined to ensure that all pupils ‘receive the best possible education.’

Teaching staff were said to ‘use their excellent subject knowledge and exactly the right teaching methods to make sure pupils build up their knowledge and skills.’

The exceptionally close relationship between school and community was also recognised. Parents were said to be ‘extremely positive,’ building on the recent one-day inspection in which families queued out of the door to praise the school.

Mrs Tonks says: ‘Words cannot describe how proud I am that our school has been recognised as ‘outstanding’ in all areas by Ofsted.  I am so grateful for the dedication and kindness shown by our staff, governors, parents and wonderful pupils.  We have successfully achieved high academic and holistic success through a deep passion for learning.  We all look forward to continuing our incredible  journey.’

Chetwynd Primary Academy is a Spencer Academies Trust school.

Spencer Academies Trust Director Primary Education Angela O’Brien said: ‘This is one of the strongest school inspection reports we can recall. Chetwynd has been recognised as something more than outstanding – as a genuinely exceptional and very special place to learn.’

Trust Chief Executive Paul West said: ‘We are delighted and very proud that Chetwynd has been recognised by Ofsted as an outstanding school. Lorraine and her team work incredibly hard to deliver the vision for the Academy, all children achieve and succeed and Chetwynd has an incredibly supportive parent body”.

A copy of the full inspection report is available here.