Derby Moor marks new year with trust membership

Derby Moor has become the latest school to become a member of the Spencer Academies Trust. From 2018, Derby Moor Sports College will be known as Derby Moor Academy.

Derby Moor’s conversion follows a successful Ofsted inspection in December 2017, and the school’s best ever exam results.

Principal Graeme Smith has said that he expects the Ofsted report to be ‘a record and endorsement of all the work we have done as we enter a new chapter as Derby Moor Academy.’

Mr Smith added that he thanked all parents for their support as Derby Moor moves into 2018, and that: “We have come a long way as a school over the last 18 months…  We are excited about the new opportunities that being part of the Spencer Academies Trust family of schools will bring us.”

The Chief Executive of The Spencer Academies Trust, Paul West, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Derby Moor to our family of schools at The Spencer Academies Trust. Derby Moor shares our commitment to deliver the highest possible standards in our schools and ensure that our children have an exceptional education.

In February, a second Derbyshire secondary academy will join The Spencer Academies Trust, with the conversion of John Port School in Etwall.