Chetwynd Primary Academy and Spencer Academies Trust Named as One of 87 new Teaching School Hubs

We are delighted to share that Chetwynd Primary Academy, the lead school in the Spencer Academies Trust’s bid, was today named the Teaching School Hub for participating teachers across the county. Schools in Derby, South Derbyshire and Erewash will be served maximising the new opportunities for initial teacher training, early career training and support, and leadership training and development launching from September 2021.

Spencer Academies Trust schools currently offer a wide suite of training; from initial teacher training through the George Spencer SCITT through to the leadership programmes offered by the George Spencer and Inclusive Teaching School Alliances and the Derby Research School at Wyndham Primary Academy. The hard work our schools and partner schools put into these arms of work show their passion and commitment to the school-led system within our region. The legacy of this work across the region is the foundation stone for this chapter.

Working in partnership with other providers across the region, including Derby University, Flying High Trust and English Hub, Transform Trust and John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust among many other committed partners, the new Teaching School Hub will extend its reach and range of training programmes to support schools in the region.

The 87 Teaching School Hubs will be led by high performing schools across England and they will to provide a new way to help struggling counterparts make the most of their resources, boost professional development opportunities for teachers, and recruit and retain staff.

Lorraine Tonks, Principal, Chetwynd Primary Academy said: “We are delighted to be building on our work as a family of schools offering high quality training and development for the teaching profession. This new stage is exciting for us and the our strategic partners across the region to ensure we recruit, train and retain the best teachers and support sustained impact on the pupils and families we serve.”

Paul West, Chief Executive of the Spencer Academies Trust shared: “The opportunity to lead the Derby, South Derbyshire and Erewash Teaching School Hub further cements our commitment to driving excellence in education and school improvement across the region. We are looking forward to collaborating with both existing and new partners, working together to provide development and training for teachers, leaders and education support professionals”

The Teaching School Hubs will begin to make preparation for a full launch of programmes in September 2021 and school leaders across the region are encouraged to sign up to upcoming communication events to keep up-to-date with this new opportunity.