Beyond outstanding: GSA reaccredited as a World Class School

George Spencer Academy have been reaccredited with World Class School status after first receiving the award back in 2016 following an outstanding Ofsted inspection.

The World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) is considered the new measure in education for schools who have moved beyond outstanding. It seeks to establish whether schools have achieved the much harder feat of having their students demonstrate World Class skills and competencies.

Schools must go through a rigorous accreditation process which provides a unique insight into the impact schools have on their students. They must compile comprehensive evidence in support of their application – a process which, uniquely, is led by students.

Students must develop the case for accreditation through detailed auditing of their school’s capabilities, video submissions in support of their application, and participating in an assessment centre event, at which their performances are measured against a challenging framework.

The award’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the students are assessed with regard to whether they themselves show the signs of a world class education, rather than the school itself. WCSQM believes that it is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly World Class then the students will be able to demonstrate World Class qualities.

Three World Class School student teams were involved in this year’s reaccreditation process with fellow Spencer school and recently WCSQM accredited, Wyndham Primary Academy, also involved in the day.

Each team reported on their own school, reviewed the partner school reports and completed exchange visits to each of the schools in which they recorded them in action as World Class.

George Spencer’s World Class Ambassadors who coordinated the visits, production and symposium are Laura Delaney, Layla Middlemass, Sam Halliday, Yara Hamed, Olivia Hewitt-Taylor, Ryan Wilcox, Logan Connell, Thomas Playford and Evia Cooper- Evans.

Andrew Field, Principal at George Spencer Academy said: “It is a great tribute to the impact of George Spencer Academy that it has been re-designated as a World Class school. This recognition pays testament to the dedication to teaching and learning that is part of daily life at George Spencer and illustrates the professionalism of the staff and the focus of our students.”