Ashwood Spencer Academy pupils showcase their skills in ‘Ashwood’s got Talent’ competition

As part of Spencer Superstars Month, 14 acts were chosen to perform in the final round of a week-long competition.

Ashwood Spencer Academy celebrated Spencer Superstars by hosting “Ashwood’s Got Talent,” a competition which culminated in the top 14 acts performing for their families on Friday afternoon.

Acts included singing, dancing, gymnastics and guitar playing from 26 pupils who performed solo, in pairs or in groups. If they were nervous, it didn’t show; the children were enthusiastic and confident, both on and off stage. The Besties, a group of six young ladies who wrote and choreographed their own song, said, “We kept practicing until it was perfect. We missed break times and lunch times just to practice.”

The Besties weren’t the only act whose song had special meaning. Chelsea sang “Dancing in the Sky” in honour of her two aunties who passed away. “I promised them I’d do it for them,” she said. Alise explained her decision to sing “Happy,” “I chose ‘Happy’ because it has the word happy, and happy is a really good emotion!”

The first place prize, as voted on by the audience, went to Madison, who sang “A Million Dreams” from the musical The Greatest Showman. “I don’t care if I win or not,” she said after her performance. “All I’m bothered with is how the claps warm my heart.”