Maths Hub

George Spencer Academy is the lead school for the East Midlands West Maths Hub.

Maths Hubs are the mechanism through which schools and colleges lead system improvement in mathematics education. Lead schools are charged with harnessing maths leadership and expertise within an area, developing and sharing best practice. They are part of the wider-development of school-led system leadership in England, and are funded by the Department for Education accordingly.

There are now 35 Maths Hubs across country. The benefits for schools and colleges engaging with their local Maths Hubs include:

  • Access to free or subsidised professional development programmes
  • Up-to-date information about all local maths education activities
  • Participation in a network of local leaders of maths educations (LLMEs).

Over 400 schools engage with the East Midlands West Maths Hub, constituting one of the most successful engagement programmes delivered across country.

In 2018, East Midlands West Maths Hub has been selected as a preferred delivery partner for primary and secondary maths improvement packages in the Derby Opportunity Area.

The East Midlands West Maths Hub has a dedicated website, which can be found here.