Mark Plampin

Mark is an experienced senior finance professional with a 20 year career in accountancy practice followed by 10 years in industry.

He has a pragmatic and commercial approach to finance whilst always maintaining high standards of quality and governance. His particular passion is for helping small and medium sized businesses develop and grow value.

Having worked as a lead advisor on many fund raisings, mergers, acquisitions and disposals he understands what drives value and sometimes what doesn’t. More recently, as chief financial officer of a high growth business that became a public company in 2013, Mark has gained substantial experience in developing a finance function to meet rapidly changing needs. Over 10 years the company grew from sales of £12m with 50 employees to £150m with 200 employees across 27 countries.

Mark appreciates the challenges that change brings to a business, in particular to its key stakeholders.

Having taken the decision to take an easier life, Mark is now enjoying a complete change himself working part time to develop a small residential property rental business with his wife.