Development Plans

The Spencer Academies Trust is constituted as an education charity with the mandate to improve the life chances of children and young people by raising aspiration and fulfilling potential. In line with this, we are committed to a growth strategy which is sustainable, which builds capacity, and which meets the strategic objectives of the Trust.


We are committed to a growth strategy which achieves the following objectives:

  • Sustained high performance and outcomes for existing academies
  • Building capacity and expertise to enable all academies within the Trust to achieve and sustain education delivery judged as outstanding
  • Controlled, sustainable growth which balances the composition and needs of existing schools with our mandate to support improved education delivery in our catchment areas

Cluster Model

The Trust invites expressions of interest from schools where Trust membership would deliver clear benefits in terms of local partnership working and support accordingly. Particularly, we work on the cluster model of schools able to provide mutual support and share resources, and welcome expressions of interest within strategic sub-regions.

Growth Criteria

The pre-requisite for schools joining the Trust is that they add value to our educational offer for children and young people in our schools.

We recognise that schools will join us with differing levels of current effectiveness, and that some will require significant additional support at the point of joining. With the right support, we believe that all schools will have something to offer within or across clusters of schools, and value the opportunity to support improvement where required.

In return, we ask that academies be prepared to engage with Trust support, and to be fully committed to the Spencer Academies Trust vision, standards and expectations.

To receive more information on joining Spencer, contact our trust offices here.